[Podcast] My Little Pony: Friendship is Spaghetti


In this episode Barry and Clay talk with Seldom Needy, a friend of Barry’s and a long time member of the My Little Pony fan community. We talk about how we feel abut the show seven seasons in now, including a discussion of the MLP fandom, Barry and Seldom argue about whether you should worry about being stereotyped, and many MLP world building theories are discussed including a big showdown about whether Princess Celestia is actually a good ruler. If you’re a kid don’t listen its boring and go do your homework or something.
Some useful terms:
Headcanon – A persons personal idea of what counts as being canonical or true about a work of fiction.
Lauren Faust – The creator of the current incarnation of the show
Equestria – The fantasy world of the ponies
Equestria Girls – A spinoff movie series where the ponies are humans in high school.
Spaghetti – Spilling Spaghetti is slang for slipping up and revealing something embarrassing or contextually inappropriate. In this episode its used in the context that bringing up being a fan of MLP is considered “spilling your spaghetti” and implicates you in negative stereotypes of MLP fandom.
Clop – If you can’t tell from context don’t worry about it
Brony – The popular term to describe adult male or any non-target demographic fans of the show.

Seldom’s pony related youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl1N6S1qO-rSFhKpllSVIJQ

A podcast episode referenced by Barry: http://philosophybites.com/2012/04/jeff-mcmahan-on-moral-status.html

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