Dune Club Week One

I’ve been pretty hype for Dune Club, so much so that I posted about how highly I thought of the idea a month ago. Dune Club kicked off yesterday July 9th and will continue for eleven more Sundays to come. So how did it turn out? It was good, even though the Comic Book Girl 19 team have been making good looking YouTube videos for about five years now she admitted on the stream that she’s learning and figuring out Twitch and this kind of format as she goes along and compared to some other first time live streams it went really well. There was a half an hour of prerecorded video going over the larger than average required world lore that readers need to know to make sense of what is going on in the first sixty pages of Dune. I’ve read this book twice already so I can’t really be expected to get a lot out of that but it was a good use of time in the first session, I do hope that as the weeks go on  and more of the book is read that CBG19 will really get into the weeds.


The really good part was the live Q&A afterword. There were about 1200 people in the chat so picking questions and creating a semblance of discussion was really out of the question and poor Danica seemed genuinely flustered by a chat that was getting close to impossible to read. The questions T-Bone picked out were good ones and by the end it felt like a really long session of one of CBG19’s Instagram live streams late at night. Those are usually really great and I wish Instagram would just let me pick which accounts I want them to send my a push notification for when they go live instead of whatever random number generator they are using now. I think there is a real desire on the part of Team 19 to make their internet presence into something more important to them than just reviewing movies and keeping up with the million other channels trying to do the same thing. I’m more convinced now that Dune Club is an attempt to connect with an audience and really interact with them about the spiritual/personal/political/whatever implications that art has to them. I think that’s an admirable and very needed goal that I also share. Let’s hope next week there will be a more manageable Q&A and maybe get some discord chats set up for next Sunday at 3PST. reverend mother


Check out the archive of Dune Club’s first session here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/157908091

They’ve set up a subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DuneClub


Post Script: Something that I hadn’t thought about last time I wrote about Dune Club was that its a higher budget version of the Tor rereads series. A year ago I made a conscious effort to read more fiction and use the internet less. I used to read an insane amount of books as a kid and into high school and my gradual reduction in books finished and later even started was correlated with getting involved in the emerging internet culture of the mid 2000s. I did okay last year at reading more books but not as good at using the internet less, and in 2017 I’m using the internet less but adding finished books hasn’t increased proportionally, but I deleted my reddit account yesterday after noticing that when I had my browser not keep me logged in I used it less.Here’s to using the internet in a more effective way that enhances your mind instead of flattening it like a pancake.

I put on this album this weekend after a while and its really stellar.

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